so sexy

so sexy

A few from my latest shoot. I dont tend to publish all of them on here otherwise there would be alot of scrolling to do.

Talk like no ones listening (but know that they are)

"When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle."
Or put simply,
“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

While the above statement applies to many, I am not one to stand idly by and stare when someone is being publicly vilified. Particularly when it comes to the subject of mental health. It is one of those things that seems to be listed under “restricted subjects”, which also include, but are not limited to, sex and sexual health, drug and alcohol abuse and death, natural or unnatural. I remember when I was younger, and my friends used to talk about sex and the loss of virginity very openly. Yet, when it came to the subject of sexual health they would shy away, taking the attitude that bad things only ever happen to other people. Another friend of mine seemed so sheltered that when she told me that she had caught an STD she didnt understand why her contraception had failed to protect her. She had been having unprotectd sex, not realising that the pill was only a barrier for pregnancy and not infection. When she had approached the subject with her mother it was quickly brushed under the carpet as she “shouldn’t be having sex at all at her age, never mind with multiple partners” leaving a feeling of embarrassment. If the attitude to such subjects changed and we could be more open as parents, teachers, children and guardians, the young would be further educated to the dangers and likelihood of catching an STD. In an apparently oversexed society (did you know that cases of gonorrhoea are up 61%, chlamydia by 48% and syphilis by 28%?), it would be logical for the government to put funding back in to sexual health clinics. If there was increased education, and the everyday person were checked and tested as regularly as those in the pornographic industry were, we would be sure to see a decrease in the spread of sexually transmitted infection.

Anyway, i digress. The charity M.I.N.D, a charity very close to my own heart, believes that no one should have to face a mental health problem alone. It encourages us to talk openly about mental health to them, to family and to those closest to us. When i was recently diagnosed with depression and anxiety, it was a weight off of my shoulders. For years i had felt like a weirdo. When i tried to talk about it i was told not to be so overdramatic, so i never thought to seek help. I didn’t know anyone with mental health disorders and anyone I did know was treated differently. However, when the first person I told about my “issues” reeled off a list longer then the Great Wall of china of people we knew who were on medication to stabile them, I couldn’t believe that real life people I knew had an understanding of what I felt like.

It is so much more common than once though, so when I overheard an acquaintance of mine telling mutual friend, who had just been diagnosed with a mental health dissorder, that she couldn’t be a “loony tune” because she wasn’t currently “in a padded cell wearing a straight jacket” I couldn’t help but educate her on the common misconceptions surrounding mental illness.

- People suffering from more severe mental illnesses are not statistically shown to be any more violent than those in the general population.
- Depression does not result from a weakness in personality, rather an unbalance of chemical messaging within the brain.
- Mental illnesses can not be cured by harsh “honesty” and tough love from our relatives and peers.
- Just because you can’t see a wound, or a pained expression on a face does not make mental illness any less serious than physical health disorders.
- No one will remove your children from you, or remove you from society unless you are a danger to them or to yourself.
- I bet if you ask a friend if they know anyone with a mental illness, they will know at least two or three.

I encourage you all to talk about it. It affects more people than you know, including parents and siblings, children and grandparents. If we open our minds to mental illness, we can stamp out the obtuse attitude of those who need reeducation on the subject.

New photos!

I had great fun with self portraits today. It’s not that i am vain, but on the business side of my life its handy to experiment with lights, angles and editing on yourself, rather than risking a customers photo session and fucking it all up!

Today i have been experimenting with a dimly lit bedroom, ariel shots (tripod carefully balanced on bannister/windowsil,doorhandle… :-/ ) and shooting towards bright light (a work in progress it seems!).

The results are here. I have a few more to upload tomorrow too but right now i am too fucked to do anything except sleep!

Hello moon.

Another sleepless night? I’m sure I will pass out soon. At least it’s been productive ;)

He is just too good to be true

He is just too good to be true